I have trained extensively and have completed many qualifications in the fields of Tantra, Sacred sexuality, personal development coaching and spiritual development. As a bit of a workshop junky, I have done too many spiritual development courses and completed too many professional qualifications to list them all but these are my highlights:

  • Reiki Master qualification, 1990
  • Malchizedek Method of healing qualification with Alton Kamadon, 1991
  • Clairvision school with Samuel Sagan, 1991-1993
  • Sluts & Goddesses with Barbara Carellas, 1995
  • Urban Tantra Massage Training, 1995
  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga qualifications with Oceana & Icarus, 1996
  • The Journey Facilitator level qualification with Brandon Bays, 2002
  • Mystery school certification Level 1, 2 and 3 with Bryan De Flores, 2007-2008

I have travelled extensively and have crossed paths with many spiritual teachers, experienced many sacred cultures and spiritual awakenings that have brought me to where I am today. My esoteric studies have continued across the world with other teachers during many travels to India, Asia, the United States, South America and Europe and it is on those travels that I have received some of the most powerful guidance to lead my path and transcendental wisdom to integrate into my work. 

I enjoy experiencing elements of different spiritual traditions and integrating them into my practice in order to create and refine my unique style of contempary and spiritual Tantra.

I had the honour to receive a White Tara initiation in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1997. Since then, I have practiced daily meditations with Tara, the Goddess of Compassion. Consistency and discipline are a couple of my attributes and it helped me persevere and make this the number one priority in my life. 

My mission

I have always been energetically attuned on many levels. Currently, Humanity as a whole is in the process of shifting consciousness to a new level. We are releasing old patterns and paradigms, constantly replacing old mindsets and energies with new and more evolved ones. Humanity as whole is cleansing itself of all it’s collective fear, guilt, shame, anger, pain and suffering.  We are all progressively evolving as one and more and more of us are able to access a plane of existence in which there is only on state of being: love. This means, that we are all playing out the energetic patterns we have individually acquired and individually going through these very states of fear, guilt, shame, anger, pain and suffering in order to transmute these states of being into love.

My mission on this earth is to serve humanity and assist people in ascending towards higher energetic realms, amplify their evolution and maximise their experience on this earth. To serve people with their energetic needs, I use energy, sound and touch to aid people on a human, energetic, emotional and physical level. Depending on your individual needs, this might translate into a tantric massage, a shamanic ceremony or a sound healing.