What happens during the massage?

To find our more about each services, you can explore the different options in the "Services" section of this website. No two sessions are the same. I work intuitively and channel guidance and touch to give you exactly what you need, physically, emotionally, energetically. Through this, I uplift you to a new frequency and help you access a state of being in which you will experience a greater sense of well-being and happiness. Each session is tailored depending on your individual needs. If you would like to know more and would like to know whether a specific type of treatment I offer is suitable to your needs, you are welcome to email me or call me for a brief chat.

How do I know what duration of massage or other treatments I need?

The more time you allow for your massage session, the deeper you will be able to go into the massage experience and into receiving. Especially if you are experiencing a particular type of massage for the first time, your body needs time to adjust and open up for the experience of being touched and receiving an energy healing. 2 hour sessions are ideal to truly dive deep into your experience and if it is your first time, I recommend a minimum session length of 1.5 hours. Of course, I understand that depending on your situation this may not be possible and you are therefore welcome to book in for whichever length of session you feel will be best for you. 

Do you provide shower facilities?

Yes. You are welcome to shower before and after your massage. Toiletries, towels and everything you may need will be provided. Of course, if you showered just before your appointment that is fine too.

Can you come give me a tantric massage in my home?

No. Those called to experience a private session with me will be received in my sacred space. It is a unique space that cannot be transported. This sacred space in Randwick is a space that has been lifted to a very high energetic vibrations through my energetic work and daily practices. Every details of the environment in which you will receive your treatment has been finely tuned to create a warm and comfortable space for your to relax into.

I have beautifully decorated this temple and  have arranged every details to make into a space that allows you to easily transition into a state of deep relaxation and to fully receive. When you physically enter this soft and cocoon-light temple, you energetically enter into a high-frequency energetic bubble

Do I need to bring anything with me for my session?

Your body, your soul and an open mind. Some clients choose to bring a crystal or other personal item to have it recharged during their session however this is not a requirement.

Do I need any sort of previous experience to have a treatment with you?

No prior experience is necessary. I will be guiding you throughout the entire session and will provide you with a safe environment for you to relax in. If you have any previous experience with Tantra, bodywork, meditation or any other holistic treatments that is also wonderful and can allow for us to go deeper.

Is there any form of sexual exchange during the massage?

No. The focus of the sessions I provide for you to delve deeper into your own healing. This is best achieved by letting go of any expectations regarding the massage practitioner and not fixing your attention on them. During the massage, you will be asked to enter a space of receiving and to let go of any pressure to be “active”. These pressures are common in our society but here you are invited to leave them behind and simply be fully open to receiving. Through this, you will allow yourself to experience a greater depth in your treatment.