Have you ever felt that you would like to experience more joy, more radiance, more confidence, more self-love, and more sensuality? Ever felt that you’d like to express and embody the full power of your femininity?

As a woman, you are intrinsically powerful and full of a magic that it only waiting to come to the surface of your being. Many ancient societies lived in deep connection to the earth and the universe and not only were they able to recognize the spiritual power and importance of women; they revered and worshipped their women like true goddesses walking this earth. The aim of this gentle tantric bodywork and deep meditation is to once again awaken you (or re-awaken you!) to your own female power and divinity, so that you too may walk on this earth like the Goddess that you are.

Energies of the divine masculine and divine will be channelled into you through the bodywork and deep guided visualizations, to balance you, centre you and reconnect you to who you really as a women. You will:

-       Reconnect with yourself, to the woman that you were truly meant to be

-       Own your sensuality

-       Get in touch with in your sexiness

-       Heal the effects of unawakened men

-       Energetically shift into a vibration of full authenticity

-       Transmute relationship trauma

-       Transform unhelpful sexual programings

-       Feel honoured and acknowledged as a Goddess

-       Learn to surrender to your own sexual power

To awaken the Goddess within is an invitation to you. An invitation to heal. An invitation to express. An invitation to re-open your heart. An invitation to reconnect. An invitation to surrender. An invitation to awaken. An invitation to sensuality. An invitation to empowerment.

An invitation to wholeness.


1 hour / $250

1.5 hours / $375

2 hours / $500

Goddess awakening sessions of more than 2 hours are also available, upon request.