What is Goddess worship?

Goddess worship is a practice aimed at reconnecting you with the feminine aspects of sacred sexuality and with the divine feminine within.

Goddess worship can be experienced in different ways depending on your wants and needs. Some people will have this session to learn to connect with their partner, to deepen their relationship, to learn new ways to pleasure, spoil, worship their partner, spark up the relationship, surprise them, deeer intimacy, to learn more about women’s wants and needs, give men more confidence with their sexual practices

You may wish to experience a Goddess worship session to learn new skills, learn new ways to pleasure, spoil, worship women in general or you may wish to surprise your partner with new skills and facets of your sensual nature and use these as a tool to spark up the relationships. Through this session, you will learn and experience deep wisdom on feminine wants and needs and gain a new sense of confidence with your sexual practices.

Or you may not feel that you need new skills but wish to be in the presence of the Goddess. The ritual of Goddess worship allows you to nourish yourself with this energy and connect you to the Goddess and the feminine aspect of the divine within. Connecting to this Goddess energy will allow you to balance your own masculine and feminine energies within and lead you to find more balance, more ease in your life.

Whichever your reasons may be for wanting to benefit from this session, both options will connect you to powerful healing goddess energies and by integrating this you will be able to be more empowered and awakened in your life. 


1 hour / $330

1.5 hours / $495

2 hours / $660

Goddess worship sessions of more than 2 hours are also available, upon request.