Tantric pregnancy healing


What is a Tantric pregnancy healing?

When a woman is pregnant, she is carrying a young soul that has chosen her, to be her mother, her caregiver, her guide on this earth.  A Tantric pregnancy healing is aimed at easing the transition of your child’s soul into this realm and creating a positive birthing experience for the child and the parents. This therapeutic healing bodywork incorporates sound, touch, energy healing and guidance to help you connect to your child, combining Tantric guidance and indigenous birthing wisdom. Each session is individually and intuitively tailored based both on the mother’s personal connection to birthing and pregnancy and on the child’s soul frequency.

Receiving a tantric pregnancy healing can also assist in transmuting fertility difficulties. Infertility is many times linked to stagnant energy within a woman’s womb, blocking her from receiving and giving new life. Through energy and touch, emotional, energetic and physical blockages will be dissolved, shifting a woman’s energetic vibration and opening up a gateway within her to become a source of new life.

Healing bodywork, shamanic ceremony and energetic attunement of the mother and her child has many transformational benefits:

  • Heal trauma connected to the mother’s own birth
  • Deepen the connection between mother and child
  • Welcome your child into this world and smoothen his or her transition
  • Energetic release of any fear in relation to going into labour
  • Learn how to use your sexual energy to create a healthy pregnancy
  • Relax and train the muscles of the pelvic floor to ease child birth and remove the risk of trauma or complications from giving birth
  • Remove energetic blockages in the woman’s womb, promoting healthy circulation and hormonal balance to promote healthy cell growth

I also encourage women to receive post-partum pregnancy healing bodywork, to release any trauma related to giving birth and reconnect with their own body and their own sexual power.


1 hour/ $250

1.5 hours/ $375

2 hours/ $500

Tantric pregancy healing sessions of more than 2 hours are also available, upon request.