What is Prostate massage?

A prostate massage is a form of tantric massage in which, in additions to the other aspects of a tantric massage, you receive stimulation of your prostate gland, also known as the male sacred spot or G-spot. This allows you to be touched at the centre of your being and dissolve into deeper states of pleasure and trance. Through this gentle Prostate Massage we explore the erotic rewards of your masculinity. Gentle stimulation of your prostate, may bring about the release of strong emotions. It will allow you to experience the great power of your prostate. These feelings will be allowed to flow freely, in my safe and encouraging company

This tantric prostate ritual helps to bring you into harmony, and helps to increases your capacity to receive pleasure. In this session, it is possible to experience full body orgasm, deep emotional release and immense pleasure.



1 hour / $260

1.5 hours / $390

2 hours / $520

Prostate massage sessions of more than 2 hours are also available, upon request.