What happens in a Shamanic Sound Journey?

Laviras during her monthly "Tantra of Twin Flames" sound transmission, 2016.

Laviras during her monthly "Tantra of Twin Flames" sound transmission, 2016.

Sound and rythmic beat is used in all ancient cultures – they are tools Shamans use to hold space for the body and soul to unfold into the processes it intuitively knows it needs for each situation.

Sound has the power to shift energy on a quantum level. While this sounds complex, the dynamics of sound healing are very simple – and very powerful. Every atom of existence, every particle of your being and your body has an energetic blueprint, a frequency. Everything you have ever experienced is part of your energetic blueprint, like a masterpiece made out of millions of puzzle pieces. Every experience, every memory, every relationship, every lesson you ever had is part of this blueprint, just like everything you have ever done and everything you dream as well as your souls purpse are also part of your energetic blueprint. In sound shamanic sound healing, I use sound vibrations to create energetic shifts which then translate into tangible shifts in your everyday life. The pure energies I call in from the centre of the earth and from the universe and it's many Star Systems are like a vibrational massage for your soul, massaging out any knots and energy blockages and opening you up into accessing your full potential.

I use a wide range of sacred sound healing instruments from Tibet, South America, Australia and many more. But my most powerful sound healing gift is my voice.

Through sound, we can heal and transmute blockages, come back to the clean and pure slate that is our soul and be activated for the next step of our human, emotional and spiritual evolution. I channel sound intuitively and use it to zero in on energetic imbalances present within you, to rebalance you and give your soul a cosmic tune up. Whatever processes unfold within the session are nothing but the reflection ofwhat your body and soul need to support the fulfilment of your intention. 


2 hours / $250

Shamanic immersion journeys are also available.