A private tantric couples coaching session is the ultimate tool to take your relationship and your connection to your partner to the next level. This 3 hour private couples workshop is a highly individualised coaching session in which I counsel you and consult with you to find out more about your relationship, the ways you connect, the positive aspects of your relationship and the aspect you would like to work on to find a deeper sense of bonding and harmony within your relationship.

You will learn how to connect with each other on a soul level, how to intimately communicate with each other. You will also learn how to touch each other, how to give each other a tantric massage and how to surrender into each other. Here are just a few things that can be gained from a tantric couples session:

  • deepen your connection

  • turn your sexual connection with each other into a more heart-centred sexual union

  • bring sacredness into your sexual practices

  • bring back the fun and relate to each playfully in a long-term relationship

  • how to open yourself up to sexual vulnerability and communicate your needs with each other

  • transform ordinary sex into a soul-mating experience – every time!

  • reignite the passion between you and your partner

  • experience how to connect from the heart

  • how to touch each other

  • how to massage each other

  • how to communicate on a sexual level

  • how to intuitively find new ways to deepen your connection and improve your chemistry

However keep in mind that all sessions are entirely personalised and intuitively facilitated. The list above is just a small array of practices or skills that can be gained. Ultimately what you would like your session to focus on and what kind of skills you would like to gain is entirely up to you and your individual needs. All sessions are conducted playfully in a private and safe environment.

(Minimum time 3 hours)



3 hours couples coaching / $999

Longer tantric couples coaching sessions and courses are also available, upon request.