What is Tantric life and sexuality coaching?

Mainstream society often portrays Tantra as being some kind of new-age fad that leads to extreme orgasms and 7 hour lovemaking sessions as famously told by singer Sting’s wife. While Tantra does teach us how to approach our pleasure and how to take our sex lives to the next level, it is so much more than that. Tantra is not simply about how we have sex it is about the way we approach things and how do we things, how we feel about them, what level of awareness we put into them, how present we are ... It is by applying this approach, this mindset, to sexuality, that we can experience immense sexual pleasure, states of bliss and ecstatic happiness. So if we apply this approach to everything we do and thus apply a tantric philosophy to our life, just like our sexuality, we can take every aspect of our life to the next level, evolve spiritually and experience these states of pleasure, bliss and happiness on all levels of our life.

Tantra isn’t just sacred sexuality. It is path that teaches you that everything – including sexuality - is sacred.
— Laviras Intikana

In the same way, Tantric coaching and counselling can assist you with any issue or area of your life that you would like to better and through tantric counselling, you can learn how to apply to the principles and philosophy of Quantum Tantra to your life and maximise your happiness and fulfilment in every moment of your life.

Counselling and coaching focusing on Tantric sexuality is naturally also available. My 20 years of service as a professional Tantrika have made me an expert on all topics related to Tantra, conscious sexuality, relationships, sexual dysfunction, emotional and spiritual imbalances and more. My style is an action focused style of coaching in which I intuitively suggest practical and spiritual solutions for you to apply to your life. I channel spiritual guidance directly from the universe and translate it in such a way that it can be applied to your life.

Some topics include:

-       Inability to orgasm or ejaculate

-       Premature ejaculation

-       Changing sexuality

-       Intimacy

-    Low sex drive

-       Adjustement to physical and emotional changes related to illnesses such as Prostate cancer and            Breast cancer

-       Trauma

-       Body image

-       Self-esteem and confidence

-       Relationship difficulties


All counselling sessions are conducted in a safe and private environment and are completely confidential. If you unsure whether this type of session could be suitable to your needs, you are welcome to contact me.

Laviras sungazing on one of Sydney's harbour beaches, 2016.

Laviras sungazing on one of Sydney's harbour beaches, 2016.


1 hour / $250

1.5 hours / $375

Tantric life and sexuality coaching sessions of more than 1.5 hours are also available, upon request.